Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have nothing to complain about - iget2work

When I began this weekly blog I had two agendas. The first was to talk about being a writer and provide what every advice I have, which may not be much. The second was to document my experience in my job search, whether it was in the entertainment industry where I long to be, or just looking for a “day job” locally. Sometimes that later topic became quite frustrating and maybe a little annoying to my readers.

During one of those annoying moments several months back, a friend suggested I put my thoughts on to video and post it online. She said it would be good therapy. I don’t know about that, but I have thought about making a video.

My friend’s name is Sue Wolf and along with Nick La Penna has created a compelling film entitle “The Unemployed Quilt Project.”

Looking at Sue’s website you will find humor to lighten your mood, tips to and links for the unemployed, and for job searching, and you will also find the stories. Video after video, after video, of people expressing their thoughts and emotions about having been fired and unemployed. This ‘all things work’ blog came into existence in 2008 and since then the Unemployed Quilt of videos has been growing along side the Labor Statistic’s monthly report.

From all this, the two filmmakers have assembled a short film, that like Andy Warhol provides the unemployed 15 minutes of fame with a sometimes humorous, sometimes emotional, and sometimes tragic, but always-realistic look into their lives with out a job.

Shot on location in New York and Los Angeles, the filmmakers premiered their movie online for audiences to experience this voyeuristic yet intimate look into the lives of the out-of-work employee. The movie can be viewed either on the site or on YouTube:

Full 15 Minute version:

2 Minute version:

30 second trailer

Reading over the press release for “The Unemployed Quilt Project” you can see all the great work that these filmmakers have been involved in:

Sue Wolf; director/ producer: known for ground breaking HBO comedy shows “One Night Stand,” “Uptown Comedy Express” and “Woman of the Night” Sue has worked for Comedy Central, MTV, Disney, Lifetime, CBS, ABC, TBS, UPN. Hit programs include “Richard Pryor: I Ain’t Dead Yet Muth#rF^%ker”, “Legends: Rodney Dangerfield,” “Dinner and a Movie” and “Comedy Central Roasts.”

Nick La Penna; writer / producer: who's work includes projects for MTV, ABC, Sci Fi, CNBC, ShopNBC, CBS, Food Network, USA Networks, Family Channel, TBN, Vh1, A&E, Fox and International Syndication including the pop culture hits “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous,” “Runaway with the Rich and Famous” and “Fame and Fortune and Romance.”

Both Sue Wolf and Nick La Penna are unemployed.

After watching the movie I feel extremely embarrassed by some of my previous online grumblings about my job search. I have now been employed for nearly four months, first at the local community college and then at the Foundation that supports the college. The jobs are part time and certainly not where I want to be, but I am employed and have been blessed. I have no right to complain about what I have.

If you are not moved by this film, than I’d ask you to take a moment and consider just how far away you truly are from The Breadline that is Online.

If you would like to participate in the “Unemployed Quilt”, or like to help these filmmakers, you can contact them at the website or write e-mail them at iget2work(at)iget2work(dot)com.

At some point I may add video to my blog, but anything I have to say will never compare to one second of this movie.

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