Monday, October 8, 2012

Pitching Prt 2 - The Bad News

Just received an e-mail from the producer I pitched my animation series ideas to.

Unfortunately they don't fit what he is looking for.

Disappointing, I will admit, but as I have stressed before every one of these meetings are great learning experiences.

I knew they were looking for concepts that would work to an Internet market, but was surprised to learn the actual age demographic they were shooting for.

At least they gave me a reason for the rejection.

It wasn't that my ideas were bad; they just didn't have the sharp edged humor they are looking for. Or so that's how I understand it.

Now comes the next hard part, not letting a rejection get to me and prevent me from doing more.

Because that really is the next order of business, moving forward, working on the next ideas, and pitching to more and more producers. Now I have to discover the next step in the path of my career. Even stumbling blocks can be milestones.
Next, never give up!

Thank you for following along on my #Mission818 adventure, I will keep you informed as it continues.

Kevin Paul Shaw Broden
Four Names of Professional Creativity 

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Anonymous said...

   "Next give up."
   Freudian slip perhaps? If you were really committed to moving on with your life you would grow some balls and do it. Not every job is going to be your dream job and I think the universe is telling you that you are overreaching.