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Book Review - Frostbite: Demonically Tempted by Stacey Kennedy

As I reached the final pages of "Supernaturally Kissed", the first book in Stacey Kennedy's Frostbite series, I thought I saw something in the story that was being over looked; little clues being dropped that I expected to have answered by the end of the book. Those answers didn't manifest themselves. By the end of "Demonically Tempted", the second book in the series, those clues were answered, and I was thrilled to see I was right. The answer turned out to be something important and leads into the third book of the series "Mystically Bound." (No SPOILERS, go read both books to find out what it was.)

After her experiences with the police, Tess finds herself working in their Cold Case department. What better witness can they have than to interview the victim of a murder? That's what Tess does; talk to the ghosts. So along with her ghostly hunk of a boyfriend Kipp, she helps solve crimes.

This time, Tess may have gotten into something she can't handle when the ghosts come to her because something is terrifying them. On top of that Kipp has vanished, and Tess worries that she sent him away.

"Demonically Tempted" is a fun paranormal mystery follow up to the original "Supernaturally Kissed." Though it doesn't have the same mystery, and even the ghostly erotic romance of the first, it remains an enjoyable and loving tale of a woman and the man she should never be able to have.

If there is anything that it suffers from, it's what many Act Two stories of a trilogy do. While telling the story at hand, while Tess fights to save lives and ghosts, the book sets up a lot of foundation of the book to follow. The supernatural threat here doesn't feel as dangerous as the human threat in the climax of the first book.

That said, "Demonically Tempted" and Kennedy's writing, remains to be enjoyable ride all the way through to the end even when we're told what Tess must do next and we must wait for the next book "Mystically Bound."

As I said at the start of the review, what I, myself, enjoyed the most was to discover what I had been guessing at was true. Go find out what it is.

Enjoy this book, be "Demonically Tempted"

Review by
Kevin Paul Shaw Broden
Four Names of Professional Creativity

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