Saturday, March 3, 2012

Read an E-Book Week

March 4 - to March 10th, 2011

is the 4th annual "Read an E-Book Week."

To help promoting the reading of ebooks (like that really needs that much more promotion) This week has been declared the official "Read an E-Book Week"

So to be a part of this, I am selling REVENGE OF THE MASKED GHOST at half off.

That's right, for 50% of the listed price you can discover how a family reacts to discovering that that one of their own is a masked vigilante, and upon his death what they must to bring forth the REVENGE OF THE MASKED GHOST.

Use this COUPON CODE to receive the 50% discount: REW50

Enjoy and tell your friends.

Find the book at my Author Page on Smashwords.

March 4 - to March 10th, 2011

Thank you all.

Kevin Paul Shaw Broden
Four Names of Professional Creativity

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