Wednesday, August 4, 2010

San Diego Comic Con - A Blog, Finally

San Diego Comic Con Internation

I’ve let over a week slip by before actually beginning this blog about San Diego Comic Con. Sorry about that, guys. Of course, now I actually have to think about something to write about.

First off, I only attended 2 Panel/Events for the entire three days I was there. The big one was for Ray Bradbury. My fiancée and I haven’t missed him for the last 15 years. It would have felt wrong if we had skipped.
The other panel was the Boom! Studios panel on IRREDEMABLE/INCORRUPTABLE. It was great to hear about Peter Kraus and how his comic artist career began and continued. It lets me know that it’s not too late for me either, and if his wife can put up with it, I am certain my fiancée can as well. (Actually, she’s told me as much. Thank God.)
And even more importantly (avoiding being hit by fiancée), am glad to know that writer Mark Waid and I have something major in common. Both of us have a terrible time coming up with names for our characters. It means I’m not lost.

I did miss one other panel I intended to be at. The WGA Animation Writer’s Caucus panel on Feature Animation. My Fiancée said that a young girl asked the most intelligent of questions. (Did anyone blog about that?) I missed it because I had to get over from the train station. When I finally got there the room was full and no one else was let in. I waited in the hall for half an hour.
As any of you who follow my Twitter (@kevinpsb00) know, I trained it down to San Diego each and back home again. It was a nice relaxing way to get down and comic home each night. It also cost lest then one night at a hotel during con season.

Also, I completely avoided Hall H at all cost, and that was before anyone thought to use pens as a weapon to save seats. As much as I love Hollywood, it’s far more important for me to meet with people that watch a bunch of promos.

So exactly what did I do for the three days of Con and not attending any panels, you might ask? Actually, I know you’re not going to ask… moving on.

This was my year for networking and meeting people, or at least as many people as I could. Know I could have done better. And if there is anyone out there that I missed, drop me line. I still have several follow up e-mails to send off.

Had a great time meetings people at different publishing companies, and got introduced to new editors. Some of which have already allowed me to pitch to their books. We can only pray that more show an interest, and that I get hired.

Had a good evening at the WGA’s Reception with my fellow animation writers.

After the Reception I got to see how much comics and entertainment have changed social standings for people. There was a guy in a very bad cosplay out but he had sexy girls hanging off him as he got out of a limo. I don’t know what was gone over there, but know that only a few years ago those same girls would have shunned him.

I didn’t need no fancy cosplay costume to get the girls. I have the most wonderful fiancée who is as much a nerd as I am. And I’m glad she has been with me at Con for so many years.
(No we are not going to have our wedding in costume. Don’t even dare show up in your Stormtrooper uniform.)

Did anyone spot my little animated Name Tag I had on? Let me know. Good thing I had it on because the text on the Con badge was so small no one could read it (when I got home Thursday night I printed up larger text of my name and stuck it on there. They also got my Twitter name wrong). Everyone who said something about my animated Name Tag got one of my handouts, which I was giving to publishers and editors. One side of the card was my bio and contact information; the other side is a pitch for a comic book/animated series I’d like to do. I may post it soon, but can’t promise it right now. I’ll let you know.

Walking the convention floor killed my legs and feet by the end of each day, so I was glad to relax on the train home each night.

The crowds on the floor did seem a little larger then in the past. At times even Thursday felt like a Saturday. But I only had one bad experience with the crowds. I was hoping to meet with someone at Warner Bros. But for reason, and no one ever could explain it, the crowds were so packed around the large booth that it was impossible to get in and be able to make contact let alone have a business conversation. It wasn’t even that busy for the Big Bang Theory gang and the Evil Will Weaton.

All and all, this was really a good convention.

Oh and if you noticed a continuous thread here, that my fiancée is always there. Well she is. And one of these day’s I’m going to stop calling her fiancée, and make her my wife. But I gotta have a job first, so how about one of you wonder comic book publishers or animation production companies hire me. Much appreciated, she’s been very patient with you.

Thanks for reading.
(Oh, and I have no idea why I chose to go humorous route for this blog. It’s not like me. Really.)
(Anyone need a comedic writer, who’s not so certain he’s a comedic writer?)

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