Saturday, May 3, 2008

Grand Reopening

Announcing the opening of the new website of:

Kevin Paul Shaw Broden
"Four Names of Professional Creativity"

With fifteen years of providing creative content as both writer and artist, Kevin is ready to do the same for you.

Having worked in both domestic and international animation markets, Kevin has written episodic scripts and developed full series, and has pitched to major studios.

With an artistic background he has provided conceptual drawings and character designs for animated projects, and continues to draw the weekly online comic book Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory.

As a Creative Consultant, Kevin provided guidance towards various story and artistic approaches, researches demographics, and meeting with creative staffs and potential financial partners and co-producers.

Kevin seeks a position to use his experience to coordinate between the writers and artists on your next production.

Check out his website, and drop Kevin a message. He's ready to work for you.

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