Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My first complain letter to a TV show.

Last night I did something I've never done before.

I wrote a complaint letter to a television show.

I haven't enjoyed CSI MIAMI for at least two years now because the stories seemed to based more around the "MTV" style editing then an actual story (I wont bring up the product placement), and really bad dialog where four different characters restate a fact the audiance already knows.

But last night they did something that really upset everyone in my household. To the point that I had to go to the CBS website and post a complaint.

Obviously, since it was a rerun, thought they needed to some way to make people actually watch the shw again, so they came up with little factoids about each of the actors (regular and guests), think the old Pop Up Videos concept. But that wasn't enough, each of these factoids came on with a bullet. Literally, a loud BANG would cover any dialog that was important right then and and a graphic would cover a large portion of the bottom of the screen.  

Okay, it's a stunt, and might have been okay if done once or twice, or maybe even once an act, but it happened at least twice in every important scene. It was so distracting you couldn't follow the story.

As a writer I can't help but think of how all the people who created the show feels about it, from actors, to directors, writers and more. How all their hard work, no matter how good it was is being corrupted after the fact by a really stupid gimmick.

I doubt I was the only one to complain.

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